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Oil Painting – young woman smile green 01

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Oil Painting – young woman smile green 01

A very important painting for me, it was the first time that I had really used a pure lamp black background in a portrait.  The subject is in  direct light so the shadows were very strong in this portrait.  I wanted to paint these dark values to see the effect that it had on the skin tones.


Painting time: 1 hour


Painting Technique – Initial sketch

This was another painting where most of the initial sketch was about getting the angle of the head right. Anytime my initial sketch was off by a few degrees I found that I started painting the features of the face in weird positions – possibly because the brain tries to correct for the incorrect angle that it sees.

Painting Technique – Brushwork

The brushwork here isn’t as loose as I usually get.  I found that I didn’t need to be all that bold with my strokes in this painting as she has soft skin that blends together.

brad schwede oil painting alla primac

close up of paint effect on eyes

Painting Technique – Skin tones, colors and values..

I remember being aware on this portrait about how blending can be achieved by the values of the paint you lay down.  By stepping down the value of a skin tone you can achieve so much in terms of dimensionality.. Even subtle shifts in value like on the right cheek can create a form.

oil painting alla prima

oil painting alla prima

Painting Technique – overall image

Overall this painting was really about capturing the smile and light in her eyes. I knew that if I got that right the whole style of the portrait was going to follow.

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